Ronald Francis „HERO” Heberling

Heberling ist erfolgreicher Cartoonist, Kunstmaler und Aktionskünstler. Seit vielen Jahren signiert er seine Werke mit seinem Pseudonym „HERO”, bestehend aus den jeweils ersten beiden Buchstaben seines Zunamens „HEberling” und seines Vornamens „ROnald”.

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Ronald Francis „HERO” Heberling

„My art incorporates amusing, enjoyable, pleasant and witty factors, which enables me to wholeheartedly become artistically involved. Despite having been engaged in the critical examination of family, cultural, political, social and historical issues, my art refocuses various artistic thoughts and presents them in conceptually new visional aftereffects. My resistance to being classified in a particular style has allowed me to take advantage of the enormous choices of material and artistic styles available. Depending on the leitmotif, I may decide between using oil, watercolor, acrylic or spray paints. At times my art work has craved materials such as genuine gold, Swarovski crystals and imported sand from a Dubai desert. My painting styles have embraced pop art, photo-realistic and expressionistic. It is my intention to transfer all of my emotions onto my artwork. Art is a medium that I use to interact with anyone. My many exhibits and workshops have benefitted people of all abilities worldwide, including the visually impaired. Welcome to diverting art with endless possibilities.”

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Ronald Francis „HERO” Heberling

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Ronald Francis „HERO” Heberling

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2011-03-02 Hero - Im kleinsten Fürstentum


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